whup no its Facebooks “are you a real person” detector

lets see what I can do

fuck I got it too and I already use my phone for my real account UGH

I feel really bad for not following back all the non-ac people because I want to acknowledge them without a weird “thanks for following!” but then I want a nearly 100% AC dash so… ;A;


reblog if you run an animal crossing blog without the word “crossing” in your url


Hello, if you are an animal crossing blog, please reblog this, so I can follow you! I need waaay more ac on my dash.


Someone should punchy him.


Someone should punchy him.

I'm a dfab genderqueer person and I've been missing a lot of periods lately. I do know that if it's been 3 months without you ought to see a doctor or gynecologist (I don't know your gender identity, but there are trans-friendly ones, just in case you're concerned). According to my doctor it's because I've been very stressed lately, so if you have been especially stressed lately it's probably down to that.

welp I’m extremely stressed lately so

yeah I could try looking for one. thankfully where I live transgender people are accepted for the most part and my insurance provider is supportive about it…

thanks for the input :D

Planning on a giveaway


I am planning to have a GIVEAWAY when I have received 100 followers. It will be a little bit simple since its my 1st giveaway. Maybe I could give the sets away (mermaid set, cabana set etc.) So, could you please tell your friends, followers, etc. About following me? (sorry to ask you that :c)

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