5'4 1/2" (I'm short)

that’s not too bad, I’m only like 2” taller

 - Tootoid Jongara
79,763 plays



my friend has 4 tootoids playing to K.K. Jongara and it’s amazing


If you find a lost item, you can take it to Booker, and he can do… Absolutely nothing.



rANDOM QUESTION TIME what's your favourite movie and why? :3

oooh hard one… I’m not too much of a movie person but Spirited Away always gets to me



"boys who play animal crossing are so cool!!"


I’m pretty sure that there could be a million reasons why their home looks that way.

Doesn’t mean they aren’t cool, it means that they play the game differently.

Nothing wrong with that at all. You’re cool to me Josh. You’re cool to me even if you don’t design your rooms perfectly.

put your height in my askbox and i’ll reply if i’m shorter or taller than you

birdthenerd said to put her giveaway on our cats

so I did. this is Molly. she’s a little shit.

(no kitties were harmed in the taking of this photo. she was just a little confused and in no distress. she was actually quite cooperative this time around)


im at the point where if my 3DS fell off a bridge i’d jump in after it